Clane GAA

Founded 1884

Co. Kildare

Clane GAA - ONE Club Policy

One Club Policy Document

Clane GAA is a club for children, young players and their parents. Without parent support and involvement there is simply no club. We understand the importance of parents engaging themselves in the club. Therefore, it is vital that the club provides the parents with a clear and transparent picture as to how the club operates, hence the rationale for producing this document before us today.

View and Download the 2018 Clane GAA ONE CLUB Policy Document

If we only see children as players, then we will view the family separate from the club. By this, we mean that the family is expected to do its job and leave the Gaelic games education solely to the club. If the club sees the young players as children, then it is possible to see both family and club as partners in the child’s learning and development. Importantly we know from experience that the coach and the parent are often the same person in many grassroots clubs


  • Create a CULTURE of TRUST If all people (coach, parent) around the child send the same message, then it is easier for the child to interpret and accept. – Create a forum among our members to facilitate discussion – We are educating each other!
  • Offer coach education to parents – Organise workshops to develop our coaches learning and advancement. – Reflect, Amend and update the document to reflect change.


As many players as possible, as long as possible, in the best environment possible. – Participation, performance & personal development.


  • Transparency – Motivation climate where development is central and the focus is on learning
  • Flexibility and patience – development in a sporting context
  • Development does not happen in a vacuum. We the GAA club, are one part of a system (School, parents, peers, & other sports organisations)

Above all we need a commitment to learning and development!

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