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Dealing with allegations of abuse

Club Designated Liaison Person (DLP) 

The club's executive committee has appointed a Designated Liaison Person who on behalf of the Club is responsible for dealing with any concerns relating to the possible abuse of children. If deemed appropriate Provincial Councils may also appoint a Designated Liaison Person who shall assist and advise Club and County Designated Liaison Persons on their roles. The club has also appointed a Deputy DLP in case of unavailability or conflict of the DLP in any particular instance.  
It is important to note that the Designated Liaison Person does not have a counselling or therapeutic role or a responsibility for investigating or validating child protection concerns within the Club. 
Investigations of alleged abuse are carried out by the relevant Statutory Authorities as outlined in Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children or by other specially appointed and trained personnel. Further review and consideration of any allegations or concern of abuse within our Associations may be carried out as deemed necessary by the appropriate body or persons appointed for such purposes including the National Child Safeguarding Committee’s Case Management Committees. Any review or consideration of alleged abuse should only take place following consultation with the relevant statutory authority. 

Dealing with & Reporting Allegations or Concerns of Abuse

The Guidance for Dealing with & Reporting Allegations or Concerns of Abuse, which forms part of the Code of Behaviour (Underage) provides step by step guidance on how to report a concern about a child or a concern about someone working or volunteering with children at our club. The Club DLP is the first point of contact for raising such concerns. They have knowledge of the relevant statutory bodies, reporting obligations, and access to external advice to ensure that concerns are dealt with appropriately and in line with the Guidance.  

How to raise a concern as a young person 

You have the right to be treated with respect and protected from harm. If you believe you are being abused, are at risk of being abused, or are concerned about someone you know is being harmed, you should speak to an adult you trust. This might be a guardian, a family member, or close family friend. At the club, you can also speak to a coach or the club’s Children’s Officer. It is your right to be protected from harm and there are laws in place to make sure that you are protected. If you are scared and believe you are in immediate danger, you should contact An Gardí by calling 999 and follow their advice.

How to raise a concern as an adult 

If you believe a child at our club is being harmed, you need to raise this immediately with our club Children’s Officer or DLP. They will listen and follow the guidelines and ensure that your concern is dealt with appropriately. Equally, if you have concerns about someone working or volunteering with children at the club, you should raise this immediately with the Children’s Officer or DLP.  

Who to contact 

You can contact the club’s Children's Officer and DLP (Greg Daniel) at:  

Mandated Persons

The GAA, LGFA, Camogie and Handball associations have identified four key staff members, who due to their employment role and functions are Mandated Persons in their Association. The respective mandated person in the GAA, LGFA and Camogie also fulfil the role of National Designated Liaison Person and they may be contacted at:

GAA - (and for GAA Rounders)

Camogie -

Handball -


Useful links:

Code of Behaviour (Underage)
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